What is Fit.Church?

Fit.Church is a group of believers that provide community, accountability, and encouragement to become the healthy people God has called us to be. 

Our Purpose:

We encourage and promote spiritual, physical and emotional health.

Pursuing Our Purpose:

We have two arms of support that make up Fit.Church. First, our free support that is available to the community at large and second, our Fit.Church Intensive Health Program for those in need of in-depth coaching and encouragement.

Our Free Support

Fit.Church Sundays

Our Sunday messages of encouragement for our entire Fit.Church community.

Fit.Church WeekendS

A weekly newsletter email containing a Fit.Church devotional, health articles etc.

Fat Christian Podcast

Our weekly podcast promoting health and discussion of various health issues.

Fit.Church Becoming Healthy Together Facebook Group

A private Facebook group for our Fit.Church community where people find friends, encouragement and community.


In an article entitled The Best Way to Lose Weight: Strength in Numbers (Reader's Digest, "What works what doesn't"), study after study showed that people involved in support groups are more successful at losing and maintaining their weight. The authors state, "Studies show that having support enhances self-control and self-esteem and provides motivation to keep going strong." Scripture also supports the idea of community. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed … Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

How does our community work? First, we help each other succeed. Specifically in the area of health, it is much easier to embrace a healthy lifestyle when others are involved. Not only is this true of a health journey dealing with food addiction but is also true of alcoholism, and drug addiction. We have a much better chance of addressing the issue successfully when we have the support of others. Second, we pick each other up when we fail. Third, as Christians we battle and conquer together – sometimes by working out with a friend, but often by praying for one another. Finally, we are less likely to fail when we know there is someone else who cares about our success.

Reader's Digest. (2008). What works what doesn't: The bottom line on everything health: Reader's Digest Association.


Going hand in hand with community, we are more successful when we are accountable to someone else. You’ve probably had the experience of committing to walk with a friend, and when the time comes you groan and mumble, but you still do it because someone is counting on you. That’s the idea behind accountability.

Accountability is built into Fit.Church through a variety of ways. Weekly there is a check-in where members voluntarily report how their week went, and what they intend to focus on the coming week. There are weekly hangouts online where members share what is working for them and where they need prayer. Fit.Church has an entire library of articles that help members figure out where to start their journey, how to exercise, and encouragements.


Everything we do at Fit.Church is to promote and encourage a spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy life. We are grounded in the Bible and the Bible is our source of encouragement and truth for transformation.

Why encourage you? You are a child of God and you are worth it! One our key values is that God accepts and loves each and every one of us—no matter how much we weigh, how unhealthy we are or how distressed we may feel about our lives.

Because you are worth it! One of our key beliefs is God accepts and loves each one of us - no matter how down you feel about yourself.