Austin describes himself as “in progress.”  Austin is a young man with talents of relating to people, playing musical instruments, communication, and managing the social media campaigns for his business.  He would also be the first to point out that he is a young adult in transition.  Having participated on The Biggest Loser Season 11 when still a youth changed the direction of his life, bringing out strengths and honing abilities such as speaking to crowds and being an encourager.  Since the show, Austin has worked with his dad, Ken, to establish Fit.Church.   He is, now, a young man with a deep sense of who he is, and a belief that there is hope for growth in everyone.



In a workout on a field in Malibu, Austin experienced a moment of freedom that overwhelmed him, and gave him an experience of what was true in life.  Like most of the workouts, this one was a circuit. Austin was engaged that day, he was moving, but when he got to the army crawl for the second time he was tired. He began to “check out,” eyes glazed over, and he wasn’t paying attention. Justin saw it and wouldn’t let it go. He made Austin look him in the eyes as he screamed, “Don’t you dare give up! Don’t you dare check out!”

Austin describes that moment as the moment of strength: the moment when things became clear; the moment that changed his entire Biggest Loser game.  It was the moment he overcame his weariness to finish something; he checked INTO life. 


That moment in the field is when Austin realized it wasn’t about a workout, or a game. Suddenly it became clear that he had checked out as a kid. He had given up. Austin describes his junior high and high school years as a time when he allowed other peoples’ thoughts to drive him down, both figuratively and physically. He feels that he “checked out” as a twelve-year-old, but continued as a depressed, unhappy young man who easily weighed over 300 pounds at high school graduation.

Through his time on the ranch, Austin feels he was given the greatest gift a boy could be given. He was given the gift of growing; growing into the man he believes he was born to be. He believes he was given the tools to “check in” to life.


Struggle. Austin wished his time after the show could be summarized by words like success, ease, or simplicity, but all of those would be lies. Struggle is the best word to describe his journey. While The Biggest Loser ends with a finale, life continues, and in that continuation Austin struggled to maintain his health and weight. Be it pride, the stress of travel, the addiction of food or other emotional life events, Austin in his post-TV freedom struggled to the point of being hospitalized with a diabetic complication. Just as his story did not end with the TV show finale, Austin’s story doesn’t end in that hospital, either.

Yes, Austin has struggled and put back on weight since The Biggest Loser.  In truth, more than 80% of Biggest Loser contestants gain all their weight back, or more.  Austin still feels that health, daily, is worth the struggle. He has not given in, although it would have been easy to do.  He hopes to have more progress updates about his health journey soon.


Austin’s’ focus has become not only his journey towards a steady life of health, but helping others embrace that life as well. Working with his dad on what is now Fit.Church, Austin is the key player is making sure that the website is working, streaming events happen, and members are receiving daily encouragements.  A talented speaker, Austin has preached church services, shared his story, and continues to work on his personal health journey.

A certified Personal Trainer through NASM, Austin has a heart for people who struggle with obesity, as well as kids who struggle with weight, depression, and related issues. He has a heart for students facing bullying, because he experienced being bullied as well. He wants to help others change their lives in powerful, strength-filled ways that are meaningful and long term. Austin passionately wants to help others “check-in” to life.