Beginner's Walking Plan

This plan was designed especially for those who are injured, or have been very sedentary for years. Everyone should get their doctor's approval before starting an exercise regimen.

First, when we are starting to walk initially, we need to concentrate on good form. I would encourage you to view this short video by a physical therapist:

By the way, if you cannot hold good form because of injury you need to stop. Walking with bad form due to injury will only make the injury worse and could possible cause another injury.  

After your walk please do some light stretching, a good sample for those of us who are larger can be seen to the right!

As you progress from week to week, don't feel pressure to move on to the next week.  If you are still struggling with performing the list, you may need to repeat the previous week until you can comfortably move on. To make any one week more challenging, increase the pace, use your smartphone to log your steps and see if you can increase your steps during the walk experience. The higher the step count the quicker the pace.


Week 1

Daily Walks— Up to 20 Minutes a day, then stretch.  

Walk at comfortable pace—and stop if you experience pain.

Week 2

Daily Walks— 20 Minutes a day. 

Walk at a comfortable pace but push the pace more than week 1, then stretch.  

Week 3

Daily Walks— 30 Minutes a day. 

Easy—5 minutes, quick pace—10 minutes, comfortable pace—5 minutes,  quick pace—10 minutes, then stretch.  

Week 4

Daily Walks—30 Minutes a day.  

Easy—5, quick pace—20, comfortable pace—5, then stretch. 

Week 5

Daily Walks—40 Minutes a day.  

Easy—5, quick pace—30, comfortable pace—5, then stretch. 

Week 6

Daily Walks—50 Minutes a day. 

Easy—5, quick pace—40, comfortable pace—5, then stretch. 

Week 7

Daily Walks—60 Minutes a day. 

Easy—5, quick pace—50, comfortable pace—5, then stretch. 


Quick Reminders

You can always repeat a week, and see how many steps you can get in the time limit which will represent a greater distance walked.