When Should we Retaliate?

Pastor Ken is sharing today a Lesson from the Life of David....

5. Know when to retaliate.

1 Samuel 18:10-11 (NKJV)

10 And it happened on the next day that the distressing spirit from God came upon Saul, and he prophesied inside the house. So David played music with his hand, as at other times; but there was a spear in Saul’s hand. 11 And Saul cast the spear, for he said, “I will pin David to the wall!” But David escaped his presence twice.

1 Samuel 18:10-11 (The Message)

10-11 The next day an ugly mood was sent by God to afflict Saul, who became quite beside himself, raving. David played his harp, as he usually did at such times. Saul had a spear in his hand. Suddenly Saul threw the spear, thinking, “I’ll nail David to the wall.” David ducked, and the spear missed. This happened twice.

Devotional Deep Dive:

If you know that a difficult situation may arise, plan for it? For those things you can plan for in advance do so, that way you are not retaliating but rather reacting. Ask God to give you wisdom to know when to retaliate…