Real Life Beats Virtual Life Every Single Time

The summer of 2013 our family visited Utah on vacation for a great week. We spent time in the same area of Utah that my family vacationed in back in the late 1970’s. Over the last 35 years, I have visited over 20 times. I first visited Duck Creek as a teen, and now returned with my three adult children and Adam’s wife, Sherrell. I expect we will continue to return to experience the beauty and share our family memories and traditions. My hope and desire is that I get the opportunity to teach my grandchildren how to fish there and lead them on the same trails I first walked with my own mom and dad.

My visit in 2013 was more like my experience when I first visited the area in 1977. I was able to carry my own chair down the trails. I was able to bend down and fill my own water bobber from the lake and didn’t have to ask one of my sons to fill it for me. I also was able to put any fish I caught on a stringer without having to ask someone else for help! We also experienced an awesome performance of Henry IV Part One at the Utah Shakespeare Festival and this year, unlike the years prior to Biggest Loser, I was able to sit in a regular seat instead of the handicapped seating due to my size.


My life at 400+ pounds was existence.

As I came home from The Biggest Loser Ranch I very quickly realized that I was alive again. While I was on the show, I had several passages from the Bible that I read weekly. This particular passage took on new meaning for me as I experienced God in my journey.

John 10:10 (The Message) - A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of

I began to realize that evil had been out to steal, kill and destroy my life and had almost succeeded in doing so. I was not living the life that Jesus had promised me.


I used to live life vicariously through other people

I used to sit through life in front of screens: television screens, computer screens, and movie screens. Like most others in our society, I existed in a chair parked in front of one of my screens. What did I do? What do we do? We watch other people live life. We watch other people play sports. We watch other people experience life. We watch other people experience adventure.



On my season of The Biggest Loser, we traveled to New Zealand. Our experiences in Auckland and Queenstown were all about experiencing extreme, almost dare-devil experiences that we would have never considered prior to being on the show and losing weight. One of those activities was zip lining.  

While in Queenstown, New Zealand I had the opportunity to zip line with Jillian Michaels and Olivia Ward. We zip lined on the steepest lines in the world, moving from tree to tree. At one point we were traveling 85 miles an hour from one landing to another. Now, I must tell you that I used to play a computer game where I was the hero in the game and would virtually zip line in and kill the bad guys. There is no comparison from  real life zip lining and zip lining in a computer game!

I had settled for an existence rather than living life. I had forgotten what the life was that Jesus had offered to me. I was not living the full life promised to me in John 10.

There is no comparison between the virtual life I used to live and the real life I now live. The full life Jesus promised beats the virtual life that so many of us have settled for. This is the purpose for Fit.Church - our goal is to reintroduce people to real life in Christ.

Our lives can be the greatest adventure we could ever hope for, but we have to begin to live and not just watch others live.

Real life beats virtual life every single time!