Sample 1 Day Meal Plan

Fit.Church Meal Plan Basics

Fit.Church suggests 3 meals & 3 snacks a day. For the purposes of this sample plan, we have based the plan on a 1500 calories a day.


We never recommend eating less than 1200 calories a day.  When we deprive our body of enough calories, the body actually slows down burning calories and starts storing more fat.  Our attempts to get our body to be thinner actually end up backfiring because the body thinks it needs to store up fat in order to get through the winter, much like a bear going into hibernation.  For that reason, we advocate enough calories that your body continues to burn fuel and allow you to slowly lose weight.

Our suggested breakdown for a daily eating plan would be:

Breakfast:        300 calories
Snack #1:    150 calories
Lunch:        350 calories
Snack #2:    150 calories
Dinner:        400 calories
Snack #3    150 calories

                Total Calories:        1500 Calories


While we are concerned with total calorie count, we are even more concerned about your Macronutrient intake: Calories = Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats

The reason: In America we consume many calories but, in fact, do not consume what we actually need to live. Often we consume high numbers of calories that have almost no nutritional value. This is why in Fit.Church we also not only look at the number of calories but also the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats we consume.



    ¼ cup (40g-dry) Quaker Steel Cut Oats—3 Minute Oatmeal        150 Calories

    70 grams raw blueberries (frozen are fine)                 40 Calories

    Sugar Free Maple Syrup                             15 Calories

    Large Egg                                     60 Calories

    2 Large Egg Whites (I use 100% Egg Whites from Walmart)         32 Calories

        Carbohydrates 44 grams    Fats 7 grams        Proteins 19 grams

                                Total Calories    297 Calories


Snack #1

    1 Apple                                      70 Calories

    1 Lite Cheese Stick                             50 Calories

        Carbohydrates 16 grams    Fats 3 grams        Proteins 7 grams

                                Total Calories    120 Calories



    4 oz Lean Ground Turkey                            170 Calories

    ¼ Cup Brown Rice                             50 Calories

    ¼ Marinara Sauce                                 30 Calories

    1 ½ cups (180 grams) Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushrooms

 (stir fried in chicken stock)                  60 Calories

    10 grams Parmesan Cheese shredded                     33 Calories

        Carbohydrates 30 grams    Fats 12 grams        Proteins 29 grams

                                Total Calories    346 Calories


Snack #2

    3 Deli Ham Slices                                 90 Calories

    2 Creamy Swiss Laughing Cow Wedges                     70 Calories

        Carbohydrates 5 grams    Fats 6 grams        Proteins 19 grams

                                Total Calories    160 Calories



    6 oz Grilled Chicken Breast                        180 Calories

    100 Grams Green Beans, 75 grams of mushrooms, 22 grams onions

        stir fried in chicken stock                        100 Calories

    80 grams Sweet Kale Salad (no dressing)                     30 Calories

    11 grams Sweet Kale Salad fruits & seeds only                 45 Calories

    Ken’s Light Northern Italian Dressing 1 serving                 45 Calories

        Carbohydrates 24 grams    Fats 16 grams        Proteins 40 grams

                                Total Calories    400 Calories


Snack #3

    4 oz Non-Fat Greek Yogurt                         60 Calories

    10 grams Cacao Nibs                             60 Calories

    40 grams Blueberries (frozen are fine)                     40 Calories

    Sweeten to taste with Stevia

        Carbohydrates 18 grams    Fats 5 grams        Proteins 14 grams

                                Total Calories    160 Calories