Four More Reasons Water is Essential

Three reasons that water is important for our bodies can be found in our article: 3 Reasons Water is Essential.

There are more reasons, however, for making sure we are drinking enough water every day:

1. Water is the main nutrient to the body.

Our bodies are biological machines that depend on balance to function. Our brains are made of 95% water, our lungs 90% water and our blood 82%. Water is the single most important nutrient to the body.  Just a 2% drop in water can cause us to become dizzy and have trouble thinking clearly. The sensation of thirst occurs when our body experiences a slight drop in balance, and thirst is our body's signal that we need more fluid. That 2% drop actually causes measurable brain shrinkage, thus the dizziness. The water and minerals we drink and eat make up the electrolytes our brain needs to function. All of our body functions via electricity: brain, muscles, and heart.

2. Water is essential for kidney and liver health.

Our kidneys need an adequate amount of water to do their job which is to clean the waste out of our bodies. When that water supply is low then our liver has to complete the kidneys’ job. The liver has three main jobs: nutrient breakdown, storage and creation, and detox. Part of that role in storage and creation is the metabolizing of fat. If the liver is having to detox waste that normally would be dealt with by the kidneys then less fat is metabolized - basically, the liver is not doing its own job.

Another benefit of water can be helping to alleviate kidney stones, if your family has a history of this condition.  

3.  Water aids circulation, digestion, and hydrates your skin.

Water levels affect your blood pressure and how hard your heart has to work to get blood around the body. Also, if your body is well hydrated you have a better chance of digesting things and being regular.

Finally, water helps your skin.  When you are hydrated, water helps your body get rid of toxins, so they aren’t sitting in your body and showing up as acne.

4.  Water acts like an appetite suppressant.  

Drinking water consistently throughout the day makes your body feel satisfied.  There are many times when we think we are hungry and we are, in fact, thirsty - we have lost the ability to “feel” what our bodies need.  



We suggest that you aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces.

    Example: 200 lb = 100 oz of water

Ease into it, and increase ounces over time.  This can be overwhelming if you have many ounces to drink. Aim to drink consistently throughout the day, but don’t make yourself sick.



  1. Keep your water with you. Carry that bottle of water around!

  2. If you will get tired of water, find ways to make it interesting. Packets, add fruit, or cucumbers to add something you would enjoy.

  3. Drink a cup of water while you are waiting for your coffee or tea to brew.

  4. After you walk somewhere or do some exercise drink at least 8 ounces.

  5. Have a beverage with every meal and every snack.

  6. Fruits and veggies have tons of water in them, so you can sneak extra water in.