Impossible: Declaration or Dare?

I find myself pondering the impossible. Feats that are impossible, actions that are impossible, but even simply the word impossible.

I am fascinated by words recently. We live in a culture where more and more words are being outlawed, and whether we agree with it or not, the power of words is increasing. 


Words hold a sense of power for us. Some believe that the name of someone or something defines its potential. Others believe that the power does not lie in the meaning but in the sound. Still others see words as arbitrary and believe that any power given to a word is a gift from society. 

But still words have power. 

One such word with power is impossible. 

We hear it described or attributed to a moment or decision and it almost reigns with an air of definity. It's a word that can end conversations, end hopes, end possibilities. 

Does it end hopes because its definition or because of our impersistence? Does it end possibilities because it is right or because we allow it to define our capabilities. 

Some said my ability to defeat diabetes would be "impossible."

I guess it really boils down to definition. Do we see impossible as a declaration to be heard and agreed with? 

Is impossible defined as a truth. Or is it a Dare?