Enjoying the Journey

Need Support for Emotional Health?

Anthem of Hope has a 24 hour chat line available to you. They are a Christ focused and supportive organization excited to help people who experience loneliness, depression, anxiety, hopelessness or other emotional health needs.

We have to enjoy what we do to further our health. 

We can have the best diet plans in place, the best workouts planned, the best accountability in the world, the greatest meal prep happening but if we are not enjoying parts of it and excited about it we will struggle. 

The Balancing Act

Now, this is a balancing act because, we can't just eat what we enjoy, and we can't just move when or how we enjoy BUT we have to incorporate that enjoyment into our plan. 

If we don't, our journey becomes this frantic thing. We get bogged down in our to do list and while some of us can keep that focus moving forward, MANY of us can lose our momentum and get stuck. Without motivation. Without hope at times... feeling like there isn't anyway forward. 

Joy and the Journey

Joy has to be in the journey. Peace has to be in the journey. Faith has to be in the journey. This is why Fitness and Health, in my humble opinion, must be coupled with Faith. The richness in the journey changes and shifts so dramatically when we include God in our forward progress. 

God at the center of our Joy. God at the Center of our Hope and our Faith. 

I started our chat today talking about doing what we enjoy and I want to elaborate on that. We need to find ways to incorporate things that we like. 

Do you like boxing? Walking? Running? Do you like zumba? Do you like Swimming? Yoga?

See, I can tell you that weightlifting is good for your muscles , or that swimming is great to take the pressure off your joints but if you hate swimming (like me) you'll never be excited. 

I want you excited. I want you pumped up! I WANT you to be looking forward to some moments... But I also need to challenge you in this. 

I don't want to lie to you. I can tell you that enjoyment needs to be a part of the journey, and that's true, but this also comes with balance. Many of us have moments where we are frustrated, angry, sad, depressed and those are ok to experience.

If you become sad, or frustrated I ask you to do three things.

1. First, Take a deep breath. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and panic or go off the “deep end.” You don’t have too.  

2. Second, think about good things .

  • Where you were when you started.
  • How hard the workouts were,
  • how hard drinking water was.
  • Think about the changes you have made, small changes or big, and recognize that you have done them to this point. Even though you aren’t perfect in these areas, they are achievements.

3. Third, Target the next step. Don’t bog yourself down with changing everything, all at once to get back to where you may have been before. Focus on the next, one thing and do it.

You can do it. You can make progress today, even if this week was bad.