Christmas is a Time for Laughter

I shared in the very first blog of this series that I personally love Christmas. It is a remarkable time of year. Each Christmas my family has traditions that we enjoy - as you read through this blog series you will be able to conclude what is important to our family as we celebrate this season.

One of the things that makes our immediate and extended family a wonderful group is our laughter. Now I’m not suggesting that my family is funnier or laughs more effectively or even laughs more than most other families. What I am suggesting is that Christmas is a time for laughter.

One of my favorite Christmas films is one that makes me laugh hard every time I see it. Watch and enjoy Buddy! 

Most of my very best childhood memories come from the Christmas season. I could share with you story after story of our laughter and good times as a family. Some of those memories make me laugh and others bring a smile to my face because it was an event that touched my heart.  

I remember family Christmases where my Grandpa Andrews would dress up like Santa Clause and bring gifts to all the kids: I was so shocked to learn that Santa had a Texas drawl to his speech! Another time my cousin Scott who was probably about 9 years old walked into our home with his family carrying wrapped Christmas gifts. He handed me my wrapped gift and said, “Here’s your gloves!” I remember how much we laughed about that!

I’m sure that if we could sit down over a cup of coffee you could share some moments from your Christmas memories that would have us both laughing out loud.

Laughter is a sign of the season, and I know that even in the dark times we need to laugh. One of the greatest times of laughter was right around Christmas when my Grandmother Andrews had passed. We were at the dinner following the funeral. At first it was so sad, but people began to share stories about Grandma where she had been funny, or she had done something really special for someone. We laughed and laughed. It was a testament to her love for life.

Gather with your friends and family. Share your family stories and let your young ones laugh with you or watch one of your favorite Christmas movies and laugh. Laughter is good for you, your family and friends. Remember, laughter is highly underrated!

Christmas is a time for laughter.