We all want the instant God-makeover edition … you know, the one where we say the prayer and then wake up healthy?! But real change takes work.
— Pastor Ken

Ken and Austin are a testimony that change IS possible, but that change takes work.  We also believe that we need people around us to encourage us on this journey, and we need nutritional and health information in language we understand.

In 2011, Biggest Loser offered Pastor Ken and Austin an opportunity to change their lives. Their relationship with one another improved, they faced and overcame past traumas and experiences; the Andrews father and son transformed over the course of their season.

Once home, Pastor Ken and Austin went on to resume normal lives, but were quickly inundated with requests for help. Pastors, parishioners and everyday people contacted them, asking for support, for tips, for hope. This began the journey to what has now become Fit.Church.  Over the last few years Ken and Austin have spoken in numerous churches and venues, held online challenges, taught seminars and held Faith & Fitness Retreats.  What started as RetroFit Ministries has morphed into Fit.Church, with the purpose of helping people who want to become healthier.

What trigger has made you think about your health?  The birth of a baby? The death of a loved one? An upcoming wedding? A medical scare or diagnosis? Whatever you have faced, we have been there. Ken almost died in 2008 from sepsis, and this was the catalyst to his own transformation journey, and to turn his life's passtion into helping others. 

The hope you have for you and your family’s health is real and at Fit.Church, we want to stand with you in that mission. We’re Better Together.